I'll Get By

Ars Nova
Chris Foote


[A]One for the other seems [Bm]clear

But you know [E]life ain't often [C#m]fair

Ooh Ooh [D]Ooh [Esus4]Oo[E]ooh


[A]That I take comfort where I [Bm]can

Is it so [E]hard to under[C#m]stand?

[D]Well, I get [E]by


[F#m]On my own

[F#m/D]When I'm all alone

[Bm7]Just bring it on 'cause you know

I can [E]take it


And [F#m]I'll keep right [A]on

[F#m]No matter what is to come

And [E]I will not fold, no not this time

I'll [C#]do what I must to get by [C#/B]


[A]There but for failure, what would you [Bm]fear?

And what of the [E]dreams we had?

[F#m] [F#m/G#] [A] [Bm] [D]


Is there [E]anything left at [F#m]all?

How far can you [D]fa[E7]ll?


Till you [A]take a look at your life

[Bm]And see what's workin'

You'll [D]pick up all the pieces [E]if it's [F#m]broken


[A]I'll just keep marching [Bm]on

Taking [D]everything

[E]Everything as it [F#m]comes [E]


And [F#m]I'll keep right