Ars Nova
Chris Foote


[F] [Dm] [C] [Dm] [F] [Dm] [C] [Dm] [C] [Dm]


I [Dm]really don't know how it all will unfold

But I [Bb]can't wait to see what tomorrow holds

Just gonna [Cbdim]close my [Bb]eyes

Go for a [Dm]ride [C] [Dm]


Well, everything may not be the way that I like

But for [Bb]now I'm satisfied just being alive

Even when I'm [Cbdim]hungry and [Bb]cold

Every[Cbdim]thing is all [Dm]right


And now I'm takin' every day

[C]Come as it may, and no [Bb]matter the way

[C]That day's gonna turn out to [Dm]be


Sit back, enjoy the ride

One [C]day at a time, and now I [Bb]finally find

[C]That instead of workin' for my [Bb]life

Make my life work for [F]me [Dm] [C] [Dm]


[F] [Dm] [C] [Dm] [F] [Dm] [C] [Dm] [C] [Dm]


No way of knowin' what's around the bend

[Bb]Or what lies just one step ahead

Every time you [Cbdim]think you [Bb]know

You get fooled a[Dm]gain, [C]and a[Dm]gain


But there's no way that I'd rather live

[Bb]Never knowin' what is blowin' in with the wind

Everything is [Cbdim]gonna [Bb]change

With the [Cbdim]tide rollin' [Dm]in